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2017-18 School Supply lists
Last Updated: 6-6-2017
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Please note: Some schools are still in the process of evaluating their supply lists. Other lists may change over the summer so please review this list again before the start of the school year.
It is not necessary for Pre-K parents to purchase school supplies. More information will be provided at Open House.
High Schools: Students will be given a supply list by teachers on their first day of class.

Backpack Information
Please review tips and guidelines for backpack use in our district.
From the Student/Parent Handbook:
Book bags made entirely out of clear plastic or nylon mesh are the only type allowed in Effingham County schools. Book bags made of other materials will be confiscated, including athletic bags and other such accessory bags and cases. If a student or parent becomes concerned with the weight of a book bag or backpack, the first step should be to review the backpack safety information distributed by the school system to determine if the book bag is the correct type and is being used correctly. (See the above link.)
If it is determined that the student is wearing the book bag correctly and carrying only the necessary items and the book bag still weighs more than 20% of the child’s body weight, make appointment to meet with the student’s teacher(s). (Note: middle and high school students may wish to consult directly with the principal.) If, after meeting with the teacher, it is determined that the student is following the correct guidelines for carrying the book bag properly and safely and it still weighs more than 20% of the child’s body weight, make an appointment with the principal to discuss the use of an acceptable rolling book bag. If the principal approves the use of a rolling book bag, the rolling book bag must be inspected and approved by the principal prior to using it. If the school principal does not approve the use of a rolling book bag, students and parents may request a hearing with the school system’s hardship committee.
Parents may also request to purchase home sets of textbooks so their child does not have to carry textbooks back and forth to school. A request form for purchasing textbooks is available at each school. As a safety issue, parents are asked to keep children from hanging items, such as stuffed animals or long ribbons, from their book bags. Parents are also asked to adjust the length (cutting off excess, if necessary) of straps and drawstrings so that there are no long, dangling pieces. These items are prone to get caught in the doors and seats of buses and could cause injury.
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