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Teach Right opened for business in June of 2008 and won the 2011 Small Business of the Year Award from the Effingham Chamber of Commerce, nominated by fellow Chamber members.

Teach Right specializes in educational resources for students in Preschool thru Grade 8. We offer quality materials to teachers, parents, grandparents, churches, daycares, and anyone else vested in the educational development of our children. We carry professional books, trade books, arts and crafts materials, and a great stock of unique toys, such as puppets, puzzles, and games that enhance learning.

2020 Catalogs are HERE!

Pick one up at our store.

We accept school, business and organization purchase orders and give a 20% discount!

Purchase orders from Effingham County, GA receive Free Shipping!

There is always no shipping charge when orders are picked up from our store in Rincon, GA.

Beyond educational supplies, Teach Right provides professional development opportunities, children’s activities, and a prep center for making educational materials. We also offer personalized gifts for everyone on your list! … That’s not all, with designs for every occasion, we have become the go-to for invitations. We print our initations right here in our store!

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Services available in our Teach Right store!

Purchase Personalized Items Online or at our In-store Personalization Kiosk

Personalize Your Invitations with us!

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