Local Girl Scout, Mary Surber spent a good amount of time at Teach Right this summer in order to give back to her community. Mary was attempting to receive the Silver Torch Award for Girl Scouts and decided to get in touch with Teach Right to figure out a way to get there.

Picture Credit: The Spirit Newspaper

Picture Credit: The Spirit Newspaper

“When trying to decide what she would do to meet the terms, Mary remembered the many happy times she spent as a child at Teach Right, playing bingo and doing other fun activities. Located in Rincon, Teach Right is owned by Mrs. Marian Hodge.

Mary contacted Mrs. Hodge with her idea and the two began by choosing the dates for the activities Mary wanted to offer, deciding on Bingo Tuesday’s and Craft Thursday’s. The first meeting was on June 2. Children ages 5-10 were invited to attend one or more of the fifteen dates set aside for the weekly fun. Mary led the children in the activities by herself at times and at others with the help of Mrs. Hodge.”  Ashley EnglefordThe Spirit Newspaper 


We are thrilled that Mary has worked hard to bring happiness to her community and will look forward to seeing what she has planned in the future. Thanks for working with us, Mary!

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